Reservation software for the ferry industry

We provide a mission critical systems for ferry- and sea freight operators. With the main focus on our product – the BOOKIT Reservation System – our clients world-wide benefit from the many types of applications and services connected to the system.

BOOKIT is a reservation system targeted for maritime transportation services. It handles the complete booking process from the capture of passenger, vehicle and freight details to follow-up activities as invoicing and reporting.

The system is suitable for many different kinds of ferry and sea-freight services, thanks to its flexible route, capacity, price and yield management functionality. It is also possible to sell closely related products through BOOKIT, such as on-board services, on-shore accommodation and connecting travel tickets.

In addition to a number of different applications, like quick sales, check-in and yield management tools, we also provide open integration interfaces (Application Programming Interface) through which external systems can interact with the reservation system in various ways. This could be integration to external web booking sites, ticket machines, smartphone apps and mobile check-in.

We currently have clients on all continents except Antarctica.