About us

Application of Knowledge 25years

Hogia Ferry Systems is part of the Swedish Hogia Group which is a family-owned, self-financed software provider that focuses on IT solutions for transportation, accounting and human resources. Hogia Ferry Systems is based in Vasa, Finland. Hogia AB, the parent company of the Hogia Group, was founded in 1980 by Bert-Inge Hogsved and his family. The Hogia Group is today one of Sweden's largest software companies encompassing around 20 subsidiaries with a total of 500 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom and a customer base of about 75,000 public and private organisations in Europe, North America and Africa.

We are a provider of mission critical systems for the travel, transport, tourism and port industries. Hogia's ferry reservation system BOOKIT is used by ferry operators worldwide.

Our efficient and flexible ferry reservation system BOOKIT has since 1987 managed reservations globally for travel and transport operators. The functionality and applications in BOOKIT are based on our extensive knowledge in this field, continual development and reliable development processes. The web booking solutions, browser based reservations and check-in tools developed as a multi-layer software architecture, using Microsoft.NET platforms are examples of our innovative development.

Hogia Ferry Systems mission is to develop and support reservation systems and reservation services for ferry/cruise lines and tourism operators. With the focus on our main product - the BOOKIT Reservations System - we provide many types of applications and services in connection with this to our customers world-wide.