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Hi there and nice to meet you!

May we present ourselves? We are a group of individuals that together form the company Hogia Ferry Systems. Most of us work at our office in Vasa, Finland but we also have one member of staff in the UK and two more at our head office in Stenungsund, Sweden (one of them our MD Niclas).

We are a pretty happy bunch, if we may say so ourselves. A hardworking team, ambitious and competent and we are dedicated to the company and our product BOOKIT. We enjoy each other’s company and during our daily coffee breaks we discuss all things ferries and IT, solve world problems and laugh, a lot.

We take our work seriously and there are two areas that lay extra close to our hearts; our customers and BOOKIT.

Our customers are the reason we are here. Our aim is to build a long-term and close partnership with all our customers, no matter the size of the company, a partnership that is beneficial to both parties. If they thrive, so do we, simple as that.

And BOOKIT, our beloved product that, to our great joy, is market leading. We have very high standards when it comes to product development and we make sure that BOOKIT is a reliable and stable standard system. A system that offers all functionality you could ask for from a reservation system. Our product team sees to it that BOOKIT is the best alternative out there, futureproof with the newest technology and a state of the art API. A system that is constantly evolving and improving, offering ferry companies all over the world a modern solution they can rely on today, and in the future.

Hogia Ferry Systems consist of different departments and we are a close knit group, working across departments, helping each other when needed.

Do you want to meet the different teams? Click on the department name to see the faces behind the names.

Or do you want to contact us straight away? If so, you can either click here and fill out the contact form, or you can choose to contact one of our managers. You can find their contact details here.

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