Hogia Ferry Systems

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Hogia Ferry Systems is a susiduary of the Swedish Hogia Group which is a family-owned, self-financed software provider that focuses on IT solutions for transportation, accounting and human resources.

Hogia AB, the parent company of the Hogia Group, was founded in 1980 by Bert-Inge Hogsved and his family. The Hogia Group is today one of Sweden's largest software companies consisting of around 25 companies with a total of 650 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom, and a customer base of about 7,500 public and private customers world-wide.

Hogia Ferry Systems is based in Vasa, Finland. We are a provider of mission critical systems for the travel, transport, and port industries. Hogia's ferry reservation system BOOKIT is used by 22 ferry operators in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

BOOKIT was founded in 1987 and is designed to support a wide range of operations including highspeed, Ro-PAX and pure RO-RO operators. The functionality and applications in BOOKIT are based on our extensive knowledge of the industry, continual product development, and reliable road-mapping processes. The web booking solutions, browser based reservations, and check-in tools have been developed as a multi-layer software architecture, using Microsoft.NET platforms and all BOOKIT functionality is available via our fully comprehensive API.

Hogia Ferry Systems mission is to develop and support our main product - the BOOKIT Reservations System – but Hogia also provides the international ferry industry with additional services. TIMS is our real-time passenger information platform which collects and distributes information across departure boards, social media, via websites, SMS & email for not just the ferries but connecting public transport systems. We also can provide a terminal operating solution, Hogia TOS to take care of automated gate in-gate out, yard planning, warehousing etc.