Our goal is to send Newsletters to our clients and partners a few times per year. The newsletters contain information about our product BOOKIT, news from us - Hogia Ferry Systems, news from our parent company - the Hogia group and also interesting news from our clients and partners.

Below you can find a list of newsletters which have been sent the last year. If you wish to sign up for our Newsletter, please enter the form found at the bottom of the page.

Q3 2018

Newsletter 2018 Q3


Q2 2018

Newsletter 2018 Q2


Q1 2018

Newsletter 2018 Q1


Q4 2017

Newsletter 2017 Q4


Q3 2017

Newsletter 2017 Q3


Q2 2017


Q1 2017

Newsletter 2017 Q1

Q4 2016

newsletter winter


Q2 2016

newsletter summer

Q1 2016

Newsletter Q1 2016


Q4 2015

Newsletter Q4.jpg


Q3 2015

Newsletter Q3


Q2 2015

Newsletter June 2015


Q1 2015

Newsletter March 2015 1


Q4 2014

December 2014


 Q2 2014

 Newsletter June 2014 pic


Q4 2013

Newsletter December 2013 pic


Q2 2013

Newsletter August 2013 pic