Hogia expands its business – introduces sea freight

Catarina Rockstrand, Executive Vice President at SOL, had many reasons to choose BOOKIT for their new RoRo route between Hangö, Finland and Rostock, Germany.

“It is a complete system and I noticed opportunities to streamline the administration. For example, invoicing is automated and the software has an open interface. This enables our customers to connect their systems directly to BOOKIT. This was new for us and an important factor when we changed supplier. We wanted Hogia”, Catarina says.

There was not much time before SOL’s new system needed to be installed and ready to use: only three weeks from signing the contract. A very intense collaboration began between SOL and Hogia. On the same day as the new line between Hangö and Rostock started operating, BOOKIT was up and running. All according to plan.

“It worked perfectly from day one and it was all very impressive! We would never have made it on time if it wasn’t for Hogia taking such a big part of the responsibility for implementation and deployment of BOOKIT. Hogia helped us on site in Hangö, Rostock as well as at office in Gothenburg. Everybody worked towards a common goal and was incredibly focused. I’ve never experienced anything like it”, Catarina Rockstrand says.

In the spring, SOL is planning on using BOOKIT for yet another RoRo route.

“The savings we make on administration will be considerable for the route since we spend a lot on manual invoicing today. This element of the process has disappeared by using BOOKIT”, she says.

Niclas Blomström, MD of Hogia Ferry Systems, is looking forward to new markets and new business opportunities.

“From the beginning, BOOKIT was a reservation system primarily targeting ferry operators and today it is used all over the world. We will now continue our focus on getting more freight-only clients. We have proved that BOOKIT supports cargo carriers’ shipment processes and does it very well”, he says.

For more information, contact:

Niclas Blomström, Managing Director of Hogia Ferry Systems
Tel. mobile: +46 725 50 76 38
Email: niclas.blomstrom@hogia.se


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