Hogia in new major Nordic public transport procurement

Hogia is to deliver the software solution Hogia PubTrans® which will sit at the ‘heart' of the HSL information system, and will be used to manage and operate the regional public transport. With Hogia PubTrans®, HSL will have access to an IT platform with an open architecture. This means that HSL will be able to develop their solution without the future dependence on individual suppliers, and with the ability to expand the solution by adding new services from a range of different suppliers. HSL will be in a position to select the best of breed products based on its open architecture solution.

Hogia's component of the total solution, the delivery and 5‐year maintenance of the PubTrans® solution, is valued at £2.8M.

Besides the Finnish company Tieto and Swedish company Hogia, the consortium also includes the French company Parkeon (providing the hardware and software for card readers), and the Norwegian company Fara (providing the hardware and software for the provision of real time information and undertaking the installation of on‐vehicle equipment).

The project is scheduled to complete in 2015.

Hogia is already the supplier of the central software system for the public transport authorities in two other Nordic capitals -Stockholm in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark. Helsinki in Finland will be the third Nordic capital to use Hogia software at the heart of its public transport IT-solution. Hogia PubTrans® is also used by the Region of West Sweden for its public transport solution in Gothenburg, as well as by South Sweden Regional Council, several other transport authorities in Sweden, and North Jutland in Denmark. PubTrans® has been in wide use in Nordic public transport for a number of years, and is now providing the core software solution for the operation and management of 70% of all public transport in Sweden and Denmark.

In 2010 Hogia Public Transport Systems expanded beyond the Nordic market. Through Hogia's UK transport systems operation, Hogia Transport Systems Limited, Hogia Public Transport Systems has established a solid and highly respected presence in the UK with its first project successfully deployed and operational at Norfolk County Council. A number of other UK local government authorities and bus operators have already expressed significant interest in the flexibility and service improvement opportunities provided by this new (to the UK) ‘Scandinavian' approach to public transport data management and travel information provision.

'The Hogia PubTrans® system is the Hogia Group's largest ever single investment', says Bert‐Inge Hogsved, founder and CEO of the Hogia Group. 'During the last decade we have invested £20 million in the development of the system. In this context, it is very satisfying to once again have it confirmed that the software is seen internationally as being ‘best of breed' in its class, as proven again by its selection by HSL and the Tieto consortium of prestigious partners'.

'After the success in Helsinki, our ambitions for the international market have been raised considerably', says Christer Lindberg, Managing Director of Hogia Public Transport Systems AB and Vice President of the Hogia Group. 'Our venture in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly promising and we have plans to establish ourselves in other markets as well', Christer Lindberg continues.

'HSL's decision to select a PubTrans®‐based solution re‐affirms developing common opinion that the international public transport market is now demanding much more than just scheduled and real‐time arrival and departure information", comments Gary Umpleby, General Manager of Hogia Transport Systems Limited and responsible for Hogia's UK operations. 'If public transport in the UK is to become a viable alternative to the car, then an essential component of the mix will need to be the delivery of robust and reliable real‐time service disruption and deviation information - and not just real‐time arrivals and departures -if we are to give travelers the confidence that they are still in control of their travel destiny despite not being in their own car.

Public transport is one of three lines of business in the Hogia Group's business area of Transport Systems. Each line of business offers well‐established software providing solutions for ferry operators, terminals, ports, road haulage, and public transport.

The Hogia Transport Systems business area contributes one third of the Hogia Group's total turnover, which last year reached £41million delivered through its 500 employees (adding another year to the existing 20 consecutive years of profitability). In addition to Transport Systems, the Hogia Group supplies software, systems and related services for accounting, payroll, human resources, auditing and real estate.

For more information, contact Christer Lindberg, Managing Director for Hogia Public Transport Systems AB, telephone +46 705 909705, or Information Officer Elisabet Palmgren, telephone +46 708 629301, or Gary Umpleby, General Manager of Hogia Transport Systems Limited, telephone +44 20 7795 8156.


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