Hogia on the list of most attractive employers for young talent.

Today, the Swedish organisation Karriärföretagen (career companies) published this year's list of Sweden's 100 most attractive employers for young talent. Hogia is one of 18 selected employers within the IT and technology sector. Hogia has been rewarded for its innovative work environment, and its efforts to continuously improve knowledge and development within the company.

Hogia is one of only three Swedish family owned companies on the list, and the only company that has had the same CEO since its inception almost 40 years ago, namely the founder himself, Bert-Inge Hogsved.

“We have never had to take into account any external investors. This has meant that we have been able to think long term, without any requirement to maximise profits. We reinvest in the business, among other things in the skills and development of our employees. They are our main asset.” says Bert-Inge Hogsved.
Hogia is a company group with 700 employees distributed over 30 independent limited companies.

“The small scale is central to our business and contributes to the distribution of responsibility among many employees. This creates exciting development opportunities for individual employees. We also have an even gender distribution across our personnel, which has been the case since the company was founded. It is important for us to be able to offer a work environment that is as attractive to women as it is to men.” says Hanne Stolt Wannebo, Hogia's HR manager.

Within the framework of a special venture called "I Hälsans Tecken" (sign of good health), the company offers a wide range of lunchtime training activities from running, to training walks, to core training activities and classes, and also choral singing. Over half of the company's 700 employees participate in some sort of activity.
“We want it to be fun to go to work, and that we have an equal mix of men and women contributes to that. Being able to meet colleagues at lunchtime to do sporting or musical activities helps create joy and cohesion”, concludes Bert-Inge Hogsved.

The Karriärföretagen jury explained the award as follows:
“With an innovative work environment and good career opportunities for its employees, Hogia works with Employer Branding. They stand out by constantly working to improve knowledge and development within the organisation. As employees, you can expect a safe and caring workplace. Hogia is hereby appointed as one of Sweden's Career Companies 2020.”

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