Keep track of the freight via smartphone and web

Do you wonder were the freight is located, or how many empty shipping containers there are in the transshipment terminal? Hogia’s new Logistics web presents all the available information in your computer or tablet when and where you need it.

”The main job of the Logistics web is to conveniently offer the right information to the right person at the right time,” says Anna Andreasson, Managing Director at Hogia Terminal system.

”Hogia developed the new Logistics web in close collaboration with us at Södertälje Harbor. Our common project goal was to offer our customers a perspicuous information center to optimize the transport flow”, says Tomas Zackrisson, who is responsible for IT, quality and environment at Södertälje Harbor.

”Södertälje Harbor is one of the most innovative and progressive harbors in the country and they provide us with a tangible user perspective. By taking a look at the challenges through the customers’ eyes, and having our developers speak directly with the users, we created a solution that solves real customer problems”, says Anna Andreasson, Managing Director at Hogia Terminalsystem.

Hogia’s new Logistics web offers an intuitive information hub for everybody who works with transports and handling of freight items in the same chain. Correct information is presented in real-time to all the stakeholders and makes it easier to isolate the exact location of the freight. The Logistics web also tweaks the cooperation between harbors, forwarding agents and transshipment terminals.

”Our new Logistics web is a tool that delivers a superior transparency of the transport flow. From a single screen the customers quickly and easily click their way to information regarding times of arrival, number of units and depot status”, says Johan Hogsved, one of the owners of Hogia.

In the Logistics web, the customer can also create reports that, among other things, show the number of shipping containers in depot. For a company such as Hogia, which delivers logistics solutions for the entire chain of transport, the new web is a perfect addition to our line of mobile solutions including apps”, he says proudly.

For more information contact:
Anna Andreasson
Hogia Terminal Systems AB
Phone: +46 (0)303-662 13. Mobile: +46 (0)70-431 26 64

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