The Port of Södertälje works more efficiently with new terminal system

As a full service port and an important resource for the economy in Södertälje, Stockholm and the Lake Mälar region, there are high demands on the Port of Södertälje providing an efficient way of working. In order to develop operations with modern system support, a couple of years ago the Port of Södertälje decided to introduce the Hogia terminal system HT Complete.

“We’ve always tried to avoid building administration into the various stages of operations and that’s why we continuously review our processes. With this solution, we have been able to simplify the work and eliminate a number of unnecessary stages,” says Tomas Zackrisson, IT Manager, Port of Södertälje.

“Already in our initial discussions, Hogia demonstrated a good understanding of the importance of offering a complete solution that clearly delivers added value and a more efficient way of working. They can also supply a standard system that works for multiple ports and terminals. This in turn means that development costs are lower when they are shared among more customers. In addition, a standard system enables shorter intervals between upgrades.

A decisive factor in the choice of solution was also the opportunity for integration with our customers’ IT systems. In this context, we can see today how the automated exchange of information between customer and supplier saves an enormous amount of work for both parties. Once the integration is in place and the volumes reach a threshold value, the economies of scale are significant. It could also be said here that our way of working with LEAN goes hand in glove with continuously developing our operations in small steps and identifying resource wastage and unnecessary stages,” says Tomas Zackrisson.

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