BOOKIT is a reservation system focused on ferry travel. It handles the complete booking process from the capture of passenger, vehicle and freight details to follow-up activities such as invoicing and reporting. The system is suitable for many different kinds of ferry lines, thanks to its flexible route, capacity, price and yield management functionality. It is also possible to sell closely related products through BOOKIT, such as onboard services, accommodation and connecting travel tickets.

BOOKIT consists of a number of applications. They are all built on the same platform and use common software components in order to provide a consistent user experience. All data is stored in the same physical database to allow data sharing between the applications.

BOOKIT is built to be modular and scalable. Our clients only pay for functionality that they actually need. This is achieved both by having separate applications for different purposes and by making the system highly configurable in terms of overall business logic and features available on screen.

The BOOKIT application suite consists of e.g. the following applications:

  • Embarkation

  • Reports

  • Administration

  • Self service kiosks

  • Handheld ticketing & check-in applications

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

BOOKIT is standard software and we are committed to continually maintain and improve the functionality of the system. BOOKIT in its standard form is a complete package in itself. In addition to that, many components of BOOKIT have been designed to be customisable and extendable so that we can tailor parts of the system to meet specific needs of individual clients.