Check-in is often the part of a booking process that needs to be very efficient and fast. That is why our check-in application has been streamlined in order to guarantee a quick check-in process. Even though the process is quick, it is still possible to amend bookings and collect payments in the check-in application. BOOKIT automatically prints all the necessary travel documents such as boarding cards and vouchers.

Quick Sales

We offer a variety of options within the check-in operations:

  • Passenger and vehicle check-in

  • Express check-in

  • Embarkation, either as a separate step or integrated with check-in

  • Check-in and embarkation using a handheld device


Automated check-in

Together with a hardware provider we have developed a passenger gate system through which passengers can go without the need to show up at a check-in desk. The customer scans a booking confirmation barcode or an RFID card before passing through the gate and this triggers the booking to be checked in or the number of trips left on the multi-trip card to be decreased by one.

The vehicle check-in process can be optimised by using ANPR (automated number plate recognition) technology. We have built a solution together with an ANPR vendor that makes the check-in process in BOOKIT even more rapid. As soon as a vehicle pulls up to the check-in booth, the correct booking is automatically opened on the user's screen, saving precious time and providing a better customer experience.