Check-in is often the part of a booking life-cycle that needs to be very efficient and fast. It is also the process that often differes between ferry operators, their needs are not the same depending on how the terminal or port is configured. Are the passengers kept in a secured area after check-in, is the check-in done on a public boardwalk etc. That is why we offer a wide range of different check-in applications that have been streamlined in order to guarantee a quick check-in process.

Check-in applications

Today we offer the following check-in applications:

  • Passenger and vehicle check-in

  • Express check-in

  • Embarkation, either as a separate step or integrated with check-in

  • Check-in and embarkation using a handheld device

  • Quick Sales (both booking and check-in for show and go bookings)

  • Self-service check-in kiosks


Automated check-in

Automation is something we like, it is the direction most are going; making things easier for the ferry operator and also for the customer. Our customers have during these past years started to more and more focus on automation. We work togheter with a wide range of hardware suppliers. To see who our business partners are, please click here.

Together with a hardware provider we have developed a passenger gate system through which passengers can go without the need to show up at a check-in desk. The customer scans a booking confirmation barcode or an RFID card before passing through the gate and this triggers the booking to be checked in or the number of trips left on the multi-trip card to be decreased by one.

The vehicle check-in process can be optimised by using ANPR (automated number plate recognition) technology. We have built a solution together with an ANPR vendor that makes the check-in process in BOOKIT even more rapid. As soon as a vehicle pulls up to the check-in booth, the correct booking is automatically opened on the user's screen, saving precious time and providing a better customer experience.