Flexible and efficient handling of financial transactions is an absolute necessity for successful business. Over the years, the finance side of BOOKIT has been developed at a steady rate and today we can offer comprehensive functionality within this field.


Within our Finance application and in other finance related functions of the BOOKIT applications e.g. the following features are available:

  • Cash payments

  • Credit card payments, either integrated with a payment provider or manually entered

  • Refunds

  • Refund requests that need to be approved by qualified staff

  • Dynamic and extensive invoicing rules

  • Invoice per reservation

  • Consolidated invoice that includes multiple reservations for the same customer

  • Batch invoicing that generates a large number of invoices at once

  • Credit invoices

  • Invoice payment registration

  • Accounting

  • VAT/Sales tax

  • Supplier self billing

  • Payment reconciliation

  • Commission for travel agencies


Export your financial data

If you rather use an external finance system, you can export invoice data and accounting information from BOOKIT. The export operation creates a data file in XML format for further processing in other systems.