To run a shipping line efficiently, the cargo space has to be properly booked so the vessel can depart fully loaded, on time without embarrassing overbooking or being costly ‘under’-booked. Booking freight in BOOKIT is just as easy as booking any other products. This means that anybody in a booking office or terminal, who has the user rights, can make freight bookings. Thanks to the functionality in the freight booking, pricing and capacity is automatically handled in a proper way.

To know who is your most revenue driving freight customer might be a challenging question to answer. With BOOKIT you can easily acquire this information and with it, adjust your freight customer agreements accordingly, all to optimize the revenue and customer satisfaction. The important thing for the reservation system in this matter is to be flexible enough for you to serve each individual customer in an appropriate way. The handling of freight customers and their agreements and prices can easily be done in BOOKIT.

We at Hogia Ferry Systems take pride in our work and our product and we work hard to make our product BOOKIT the best option on the market, both for freight and passenger service. We also work hard to make the transition from the old reservation system to BOOKIT as efficient and seamless as possible. We have many stories to tell and please take a moment to read about why our client Svenska Orient Linien chose BOOKIT as their standard reservation system and how they thought the collaboration worked:

Interview with Catarina Rockstrand at Svenska Orient Linien


Cargo reservations online

Hogia Ferry Systems has recently launched a new cargo web reservations application for freight customers. Enabling your customers to make their own bookings can significantly cut down on the booking staff's work load. By having a user friendly web interface the freight customer can create their own bookings as well as administrate existing bookings.


Terminal management

Today we can offer an integration between BOOKIT and Hogia Terminal Systems, a terminal management system which will give you full control of what is happening and when. The system has been operational at RoRo terminals since 2001 and is now a proven, cutting edge solution for RoRo operations. The system was initially developed together with DFDS who have used it ever since for their terminal operations.

As Hogia Terminal handles both cargo and units with full integration it is ideally suited for more demanding goods flow in a break bulk terminal. These can include handling of paper reels - stuff, strip and cross docking - as well as other cargo like sawn wood or steel coils.

You should not need to buy several terminal operating systems just because of a diverse operation. With Hogia Terminal you can use the same system in all parts of your operation, be it RoRo, LoLo, car handling or break bulk.